7th Chord Piano Keyboard Worksheets

printable 7th chord piano keyboard music worksheets

Seventh Chord Piano Worksheets

7th Chord Worksheets are probably just about the best way to ensure that our music students develop a "joined up" understanding of the more "advanced" harmonic issues and principles involved in the identification, construction and analysis of seventh chords.
Having said that though, the most important factor to consider when teaching our students how 7th chords work is .......

"are they ready to study seventh chords?"

If our students have not developed a working knowledge of how (three note) Major, minor and diminished chords work then they will struggle with (four note) seventh chords.

The concept that we need to get them to understand is that 7th chords are just a triad (either Major, minor or diminished) with an extra note added. Once they grasp this then the subject will seem a lot less daunting.

We offer a variety of 7th chord worksheets (such as the ones shown in the illustration above) that come at the subject from a range of different directions.

Some require students to identify (letter names only) the notes that make up particular seventh chords and others ask learners to notate chords as appropriate

If students are already comfortable with the construction of Major,minor and diminished chords then developing an understanding seventh chords can be pretty easy. If they do not already have a thorough understanding of (three note) triads then seventh chords will seem complicated and confusing.

Click the image below to download a FREE PDF outlining (in much greater detail than we can do here) a series of music lesson plans devised for High School designed to take a student from a situation in which they have no functional knowledge of music theory to place where they notes, scales chords and keys

music theory lesson plans

There is more to this than our seventh chords though......?

more than key signatures worksheets

Printable Music Theory Worksheets

In addition to the materials themed around 7th chords. There are a host of similarly styled resources and worksheets covering Note Naming, Intervals, Major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales in addition to worksheets dealing with key signatures and harmonic systems

It is not the intention that every student should complete every worksheet. This material is intended to introduce principles and then to test and reinforce understanding of those principles. The music worksheets and handouts provide a simple, flexible and powerful resource to music educators and help with the development of a functionable and workable understanding of the principles of music theory.

The worksheets are not specific to a particular style of music or exam syllabus (as the reality is that Bach used the same twelve notes as Charlie Parker?)

Once they have been downloaded you can print these invaluable music education resources straight from the hard drive of your computer or drop the files onto a memory stick and take them into your school or college for photocopying etc. Whatever suits the way you work? Any way you choose you can be sure that for the rest of your teaching career you will always have access to first class music worksheets.

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As well as the seventh chord worksheets in this package this material covers an awful lot of ground. We have worksheets dealing with Note Naming, Intervals, Scales, Chords and Key Signatures as well as a range of resources looking at the chords to be found within individual keys.

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