Note Naming Worksheets

Naming Notes Correctly and with confidence is "the most essential skill" when it comes to understanding music theory

If our students can't name notes correctly then they will struggle with every other part of music theory

If they do not know and understand that....

"White notes can have only one name while the notes to be found under the black keys can be assigned one of two letter names depending on circumstance"

then they will struggle with every element of music theory that they encounter

The music teacher's resources on this site feature a range of (free) lesson plans and worksheets designed to (among other things) encourage students to become aware of the conventions surrounding the correct identification and naming of notes

"Understanding Music Theory is about studying topics in the right order"

When they can name notes confidently they are ready to go on to study whole and half step intervals and from there the construction of scales and then chords.
To read more about this you can download our free lesson plans document.

Below you can see one of our music teacher's resources which is a simple handout designed to help our students to understand the concepts and principles that underpin the correct naming of musical notes

music teacher resources

This handout is one of a series that can also be useful if printed out and stuck up on the wall of the music classroom as a ready source of reference for the student group

Below you can see another of our music worksheets designed to help students to be able to identify musical notes and to realise that some (the notes to be found on the white keys) have a single name while others (those to be found on the black keys) can be given one of two letter names depending upon circumstance. music worksheet note naming

This page of our music teacher resources is under construction but to help you to get a feel for what we do here is a free note naming worksheet….

note naming worksheets

The free worksheet that you can download by clicking the image above is one that concentrates on the white (natural) notes and is intended to be used alongside other sheets which feature a combination of white and black keys. The music worksheet that you can see below is intended to build upon this ability and help our students to be able to understand that the black notes can be assigned one of two letter names
The music worksheet featured below is another from the series dealing with the correct identification of musical notes and challenges the learner to provide alternative names for a note at the same pitch.

Music Teaching Resources

By clicking the image below you can download a whole bunch of lesson plans (including material relating to the correct naming of notes) designed to help musi teachers to work in a simple and effective way

Music Lesson Plans

lesson plans and more about music teachers note naming worksheets

After spending some time with these resources a student should be comfortable with the idea of naming notes correctly and will be ready to move confidently to the next stage of music theory which involves the study of "Whole and Half-Step Intervals"
From there they will be fully prepared to study Scales, (Major and minor) chords and then Harmonic Systems etc music teacher resources

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