Teaching music theory with a phone

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teaching music theory from a phone

When I started this whole thing way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth the idea of teaching music theory from a phone was I admit, not where I thought that the whole thing was heading but the reality is that more and more teachers are using smartphones and smartboards as the core of their teaching practice. Most of the phones around today are capable of storing and printing PDF documents via bluetooth etc and many of my customers download the resources to their handsets and off they go.

teaching music theory using smartboards

Teaching music theory with "Smartboards"

Another relatively recent innovation is the use of smartboards and the beauty of them is that you can generally put PDF files on them and then annotate them in the classroom. Load up a worksheet (or worksheets) and you're good to go.

Absolutely ideal for teacher demonstrations of even for group activities in which a number of students could combine to complete a worksheet (uploaded to the smartboard) together

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I have to admit that I dont know if your phone is new enough or if you have access to apps like dropbox or better still Goodreader (the one that I use with my ipad and iphone) that will allow you so store and play mp3's as well as use bluetooth and airprint to print handouts as you and will also (if you like) link up with your email account so that you can send handouts to your school interactive system with a single click.

As I say I don't know what kind of phone you have (and it would be very creepy if I did if you think about it?) but what I can guarantee is that if you buy our resources and find that you are unable to download them to your phone or have difficulty using them then (or even if you just want to have a backup copy of the materials that you paid for?) all that you have to do is drop me an email at robh@teachwombat.com and I'll send you a bunch of links that will allow you to download the resources to your pc or tablet. From there you will have them forever and can use them as you wish or transfer them between your devices by whatever means you prefer

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