GCSE Music Worksheets and resources

GCSE Music Worksheets and Resources

Download over 300 Music Worksheets for your GCSE Music Theory Lessons Today

GCSE Music covers a lot of ground. There are loads of resources around dealing with historical and stylistic analysis but at the core of GCSE is the question....

"Do our GCSE Students understand the "nuts and bolts" of music theory?"

Effective Music Theory at GCSE level

If your students understand how to....

correctly name notes....

define whole step and half step intervals....

use those intervals to create Major and minor scales....

scales so that they can construct and identify chords....

arrange chords into keys.......

then they will have mastered the most important (and difficult, not to mention potentially frustrating!) part of the GCSE syllabus

The harmonic and melodic elements of Music Theory at GCSE are often the most difficult part of the subject to get across to our students.
They can often tend to be more comfortable with those parts of the course that do not require them to have a solid theoretical framework. The stylistic and historical stuff plays to already established academic strengths but for many students (particularly those coming to the subject from a love of popular music forms) the study of music theory can seem a little removed from their own experience

"If we are realistic about it then we have to take into account the fact that for many students music theory is a completely new language.
Like any language it needs to be learned from the absolute basics"

Any confusion or "glossing over" at the early stages of study will lead to a situation where many students come to see music theory as something that they "work around" rather than a set of tools that open up understanding of the art form music worksheets and resources for GCSE
This site contains a whole load of free resources (as well as the paid for "one click download" of over 400 worksheets and handouts) and please feel free to tour the site, download the materials and use them in your music theory classroom.

more than key signatures worksheets

Printable Music Theory Worksheets

The worksheets dont have to stay on the hard drive of your computer.You can store this material on an ipad, phone or memory stick and take the resources to where they are needed.

The material has been devised so as to introduce principles and then test and reinforce understanding of those principles. The music worksheets and handouts provide a simple, flexible and powerful resource to music educators and help with the development of a functionable and workable understanding of the principles of music theory.
Whatever suits the way you work? Any way you choose you can be sure that for the rest of your teaching career you will always have access to first class music worksheets.

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It's not just about GCSE Worksheets though. This site is about the subject and not the syllabus and we cover an awful lot of ground here.

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GCSE Music Worksheets and Resources