Free Printable Music Theory Worksheets

free printable music theory worksheets


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free music theory worksheets and lesson plans

The Lesson Plans above are designed to take students from a place where they have no real"joined up" understanding of music theory to a place where they understand basic intervals and how to construct major and minor chords. In addition they will have an understanding of key signatures and harmonic systems.

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Free Printable Music Worksheets

Scale Spelling Handout

Music Theory Worksheet: FREE Music Theory Test

Free Music Theory Worksheet: Intervals

Free Printable Music Theory Worksheet

A Free Printable Music Theory Worksheet which invites students to examine the notes that make up major and minor triads and to go on to identify the chords in question. This music theoryworksheet (like all of our resources) can be used in the traditional way during classroom sessions or can be compiled with others to make up "revision booklets" etc. You can also use these materials in order to "stretch" more capable students of music theory while you spend some time helping less able members of the classroom group to get to grips with concepts that they find difficult?

Entry Behaviour

Before working on this music theory worksheet students should be familiar with the following ideas and principles (just click the links to find out more about the help that we offer in these areas)

Understanding Whole Step and Half Step Intervals: Click For Free lesson Plan?

construction of major and minor scales using music theory worksheets

Understanding The Construction of Major and Minor Chords

Feel Free to use the above music worksheets in the course of your classroom music lessons.

Below is an infographic describing how you can take tour students from a point where they have no functional "joined up" understanding of music theory to a place where they just "Get It"

How to use Music Theory Worksheets

Free Printable Music Theory Worksheets: Intervals

free printable music theory worksheet

Our students need to develop a working knowledge of the intervals (gaps?) that exist between notes. This free printable music theory worksheet is one of a series which looks at intervals in detail.

Learners are asked to identify the two notes on the piano keyboard before going on to enter the correct notes on the staff. From there thay are required to use the diagram to work out how many half steps there are between the lowest and the highest note and to supply the correct name for the interval which features the appropriate number of half steps?

There are really four stages to each question (1: identify the low note? 2:-the high note?, 3:count the half steps?, - 4:name the interval?) which engages the student in solving 32 problems from a single sheet. These sheets are very useful when it comes to "reinforcing" knowledge of music theory as the questions do not have to be asked in a particular sequence (for example it is possible for students who are "weak" with relation to notated music to solve all other parts of the question before using the information that they have generated to help them to fill in the required note heads. etc?

Entry Behaviour

This free sheet is the third of this type of music theory worksheet and it is reccomended that before using this resource that intervals are introduced gradually to the student group (the first worksheet uses only whole steps and half steps to get students used to the whole idea)?

Free Printable Music Worksheets: Music Theory Tests

Free Printable Music Theory Worksheet

This free printable music theory worksheet is just one of our series of music theory tests designed to let both you and your students know the "state of play" with regard to their knowledge of theoretical concepts

The questions are designed so that learners will be obliged to think about elements of music theory from a variety of angles. In addition to constructing scales and chords they are asked to look at an existing scale or triad and then to analyse it's component parts.

Entry Behaviour

This music theory test is aimed at students who can (or who should be able to?)

Construct Major and minor Scales using Music Theory Worksheets

Understand The Construction of Major and Minor Chords

There is a diagram of a piano keyboard at the top of the sheet to assist their calculations. Other more advanced theory tests in the series introduce 7th chords and both major and minor pentatonic scales into the mix.

It is the intention that tests such as this one should be introduced following the early stages of music theory classes when it becomes possible and desirable to find out just how effective the teaching and learning has been?

free printable music theory worksheets

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free printable music theory worksheets

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